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STORY tells you the background, idea and characteristics of FIV5PM. 


     FIV5PM is a new denim brand designed for urban males and females with an attitude that challenges all boundaries and stereotypes. Inspired by the living souls of New York white collars who work hard and play hard, FIV5PM was founded after the stereotype phrase of working time 9-to-5, in which 5pm represents the shifting time in between profession and freedom as its idea to symbolize people’s life-shifting moments with denim fashion.
     Throughout the entire denim history, jeans had been well known and famous for its casual style and durability, but not the credibility of elegancy and refinement. Therefore, the idea of wearing jeans to work is forbidden. As the founder and designer of FIV5PM who spent most of his life breaking boundaries, TAO considers it to be his life mission to challenge denims’ stereotyped figure by presenting you this new denim fashion that targets to bend its culture: “who says you can’t wear denims to work?”


     Divided by the 5PM moment, FIV5PM encompasses two very ironic collections representing work time and free time of business weekdays: the professional “5+” and the free “5-”.
     5+ is design to be sleek and elegant for professionals of both genders. This collection is created with a focus on quality in terms of the fabrics, fit and finish, merging high fashion attributes with ground level pricing, and thus providing the look demanded by the professionals. Always stay simple and clean and avoid fabric washes and fancy trims is 5+’s guru, and what sets it apart from other conventional denim brands.
In contrast, 5- is the traditional raw denim design collection that is missioned to stay wild and passionate. This collection is designed with a focus on artistic craftsmanship in terms of the hand-washing and ripping techniques, trim executions, and innovative finishes in which are easily adaptable to the mass market, to meet consumer preferences.
     These 2 collections are currently complemented by denim products only, and will expand to include other product categories such as clothing, footwear, accessories and most importantly watches in the near future.


FIV5PM was idealistically born in NYC and realistically executed and produced in China. The combination of the most innovative and creative American mindsets and ideas meets the most time and cost efficient Chinese hands and skills sets the core structure of FIV5PM in which keeps the pricing low and affordable while designs remained innovative, urban and stylish with premium quality.



FIV5PM, time for you to change denim, and time for FIV5PM to change denim culture!

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